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Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

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Here are some helpful hints from our company to you to help prevent water damage to your home:

  • When using the garbage disposal, flush plenty of water to prevent the sink from becoming clogged.
  • Never run a dishwasher or washing machine while not at home. The drain may become clogged and cause overflow.
  • Check under sinks regularly for signs of water damage, since small issues may become bigger problems.
  • Check washer machine hoses regularly for signs of wear. A damaged hose can lead to thousands in water damage.
  • Check toilet and sink supply lines for signs of wear. A damaged hose can lead thousands in water damage.
  • Check refrigerator water supply lines for signs of aging or leaking and replace if necessary. Take caution when moving your refrigerator (such as to clean behind it) as you may kink or damage the water supply line when pushing it back into place. Check your heater for signs of corrosion or leaks.

If you are going away for an extended period of time, shut off the main water supply and turn off the electric water heater. (There’s no point in heating water if you are not there to use it.) We have many customers who go back home for the summer and are not aware they have a leak until they receive an extremely high water bill.

Shut off your backflow or have a neighbor regularly check on it for you.

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