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Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement

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    Kitchen garbage disposal units are so common in today’s homes they may seem like an indispensable appliance. They also can stop working, so Ryan's Plumbing offers disposal repair and service.

    If a garbage disposal unit is overloaded it can overheat. This can result in a tripped condition which may be fixable by pressing the reset button on the unit. However, there may be a more serious condition in the unit and it should be inspected by a professional. Please, never place your hand in a disposal unit if you aren’t sure it is completely disconnected from the electrical supply. A serious injury can result.

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    Repair Services

    Keeping a broken disposal unit in place can create issues. Without the ability to run and clean itself, a broken unit will quickly create bacteria and can develop a foul odor. Also, collected food can clog the drain and cause a water backup into the kitchen. Disposal units also share the same drain with your dishwasher, and in many cases the dishwasher drains into the disposal unit. This can cause water backups into the dishwasher and create even more problems. Let Ryan's Plumbing come out and inspect your unit, then we can recommend if repair is an option.

    Replacement Services

    Sometimes a disposal unit needs replacing, either due to age or an electrical failure in the motor. Often it is an advantage to install a more powerful unit, particularly if you have a large family or use the unit for large quantities of food disposal. We will recommend the right disposal unit for you and provide an estimate of all costs. We can then install the unit correctly and professionally.

    Home garbage disposal equipment can be very useful, but can also cause damage to your home if they clog or fail. Ryan’s Plumbing can repair your garbage disposal if it clogs or jams. We can also replace the disposal unit if it fails due to a motor burnout or other problem. Call Ryan's Plumbing at (941) 256-5580 today for any plumbing needs including kitchen garbage disposal units.

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    plumbing leak sarasota

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