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Increase Your Home Value with Plumbing Upgrades

So the time has come at last to sell your home. You’ve followed all the best advice: fresh paint job, new fixtures, some lovely gardening for curb appeal. Everything looks stunning, but as the old saying goes, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” When it comes to your home, we need to dive deep inside and look at your plumbing.

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A discerning buyer will want to look over as much of your home as possible. They won’t be tearing up your floorboards to get a peek at the pipes, but they’ll want to test everything your faucets, drains, and everything else connected in your plumbing system. If you have an experienced real estate agent in your corner, they’ll bring this to your attention and make some suggestions for improvements.

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Why do I need my backflow tested?

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Federal law requires water suppliers to protect their water systems from contamination or pollution by cross-connections. There are also Regulations by The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department of Health. Many safeguards are in place and regular monitoring occurs as required by different agencies. Backflow preventers must be tested at least once each year to ensure that they are performing properly in preventing backflow.

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Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

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Here are some helpful hints from our company to you to help prevent water damage to your home:

  • When using the garbage disposal, flush plenty of water to prevent the sink from becoming clogged.
  • Never run a dishwasher or washing machine while not at home. The drain may become clogged and cause overflow.
  • Check under sinks regularly for signs of water damage, since small issues may become bigger problems.

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Maintaining Your Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

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Quick Cleaners

Here’s a secret. Some soaps & detergents meant to clean dirty dishes & soiled laundry work great on bathroom fixtures such as toilets & sinks. Ex: liquid dishwashing soap is an effective general cleaner for vitreous chinaware, porcelain enamel & acrylic surfaces & laundry detergent can tidy up bath fixtures in a snap, particularly in areas exposed to hard water.

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