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Maintaining Your Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

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Quick Cleaners

Here’s a secret. Some soaps & detergents meant to clean dirty dishes & soiled laundry work great on bathroom fixtures such as toilets & sinks. Ex: liquid dishwashing soap is an effective general cleaner for vitreous chinaware, porcelain enamel & acrylic surfaces & laundry detergent can tidy up bath fixtures in a snap, particularly in areas exposed to hard water.

Non-abrasive cleaners such as Spic-N-Span, Mr. Clean All-Purpose & Bon Ami help w/ downright dirty stains.


How do you thoroughly clean a whirlpool? We recommend using a general cleaning solution of warm water & mild liquid detergent, such as Tide. Every three months, thoroughly clean the circulatory system by filling the whirlpool w/ hot water. Once the basin is full, drop in two teaspoons of dishwasher detergent & one-half cup household bleach. Run the whirlpool system for two minutes, drain & refill w/ cold water. Circulate the cold water for five minutes & drain completely. Now it’s time to shine using a manufacturer-recommended wax. First, however, restore dull areas by rubbing them w/ white automotive polishing compound. Do not use wire-brushed knives or sharp objects to remove stains or surface blemishes. They can damage the acrylic surface.

Virtual Vinegar

Soapy gunk loves to settle on faucet spouts & handles. A quick trick for chrome faucets & fixtures is white wine vinegar. Soak a paper towel in the vinegar & squeeze out the excess. Wrap it around the chrome fixture & wait 10 minutes. Take off the wet towel & buff the chrome w/ a dry one. Be sure NOT to use this method on brass or colored fixtures. While you have the vinegar out, it also works to unclog sink drains mucked up w/ soap residue & it’s safer than chemical drain openers.

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